TMLA Seniors View Women in STEM Career Options at Google in NYC

TMLA AP Statistics class of Mrs. Marianne Samothrakis got to see statistics in a live setting on their visit to Google headquarters in NYC on Friday April 12, 2019.  Mrs. Diane O’Connell of the Math Department accompanied the group.   The favorite part of their trip was a panel of 5 women colleagues of host Google employee Caroline Lui.

Each of the women on the panel – ranging in age of 25 to 40  – told about her path to Google.  Stephanie Vulich found it “was very inspiring to see such smart women in a male dominated field and at a well known company. To see the inside-mind of Google was amazing.” Jade Griffin said that “being surrounded by so many educated women in the field of STEM … was very inspiring and I loved it.”  Megan Koutsouradis noted, “The panel was very inspiring because it showed me strong women in the Google company.”

Another part of the visit included a tour of Google which Hope Koiki claimed “opened up a realm of possibilities in the workplace … to hear how women are able to work in the STEM field. Overall I now know that I want to someday work at Google.”

Emily Scarpati found “this experience gave me so much hope for the future; I noticed how in a STEM-based company many fields are involved.” Jasmine Bain also learned about the “many paths that can be taken to find your true career. It was very eye opening and nice to see so many women thriving and successful in the STEM field.”

During the tour of Google, students got to see some of the beautiful and creative structure of the old Port Authority building. Students realized that at Google there were so many places to reflect, create and share. Their guides explained that this reflected Google’s work philosophy that in order to have employees productive and creative, employees need to enjoy a comfortable environment. Jiabo Chen “was inspired and amazed by the relaxed yet innovative working atmosphere in Google.”  She declared,  “Hope I could get a chance to work there.”

Elizabeth Egan summed up the field trip:  “Going to Google was such a fun time and a great learning experience. I did not realize how many different careers were involved in running Google. I loved seeing how statistics can be used in everyday life.”

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