TMLA Senior Wins Science Award

TMLA Senior Lauren Guarneri and her NYU Science Research team won an award for their project at the 21st Annual STEP Statewide Student Conference on March 29-31, 2019. Lauren is a member of NYU’s STEP/BEST Discovering Science Research Program, where students conduct research at NYU facilities under the direction of NYU faculty mentors. Biology teacher Dr. Ignatius Tan was mentor for the research of Lauren and her team.

Since understanding the types of microorganisms is critical to understanding human health, these students decided to study microorganisms that we interact with every day and see if they were harmful or not. While there has been an abundance of research done on microbes in the outdoor environment and in/on humans, there was less research on a Built environment where most Americans spend 93% of their lives. “Built environment” has been defined as the human-made space where people live, work, and recreate. Lauren and her team chose to study Microbes in a Built Environment and Their Impact on Human Health. These students then cultured samples from an NYU classroom to identify the microorganisms from this environment and their impact on human health.

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